24 card game

Jack kills Madsen as he escapes on a speedboat.
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Jack Leads a Team to the Bomb 9:00pm10:00pm 35 Jack Bauer Jack leads a team to a bomb, and takes out surveying snipers.
Chase goes undercover again posing as the requested truck driver.Reboot 2:00pm3:00pm 19 Michelle Dessler Tony and Michelle reboot the CTU main computer.HOW TO play goal: Make the number 24 using all four numbers on the card!Single Player: Hone your skills by practicing each difficulty level for as long as you want.Before boarding the ship, Chase obliterates the defending guards with a mounted machine gun.Finding the CTU Data Drive 12:00am1:00am 43 Jack Bauer Together Jack and Chase find the CTU hard drive.

Jack and Chase were forced to blast their way out.
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Jack Tracks Kim to Madsen's Base 7:00pm8:00pm 27 Jack Bauer Jack follows a tracker Kim put on herself to find her at Madsen's base.Missions Edit Picture Episode Hour Mission Number Playable Character Storming the Ship 6:00am7:00am 1 Jack Bauer Following an anonymous lead, Jack Bauer and a CTU team storm a ship containing a Ricin bomb.Jack kills the sniper and provides cover-fire for Chase.Dice rolls, gabe Covert covertDad united States, lexington.Following this, Michelle Dessler would volvo conquest bonus xc90 appear in 22, followed by Chase Edmunds in 18, Tony Almeida in 15, Ryan Chappelle in 11 (you can also hear his voice in a twelfth should you fail the mission Kim Bauer in 8, Kate Warner in 7, Adam.Jack raids Max's boat Max, a previous villain behind Season 2 's and The Game's events, also came into play, and Bauer had to stop him from stealing nuclear weapons from an abandoned military bunker called Fort Lesker.Madsen shoots Jack in the stomach, and Jack chases Madsen.Jack attempts to meet up with Kate, only to see her get held captive by Madsen.Shin, Tony goes to find Lee Jin Yu at his apartment Tony's Unexpected Find 11:00am12:00pm 12 Tony Almeida Tony finds resistant from the building's final table poker schedule inhabitants.Rewards: Climb the leaderboards, viewing your global rankings and how you match up with your friends!