In the mid-1970s, while publisher Leonard Mogel was in Paris to jump-start the French edition of National Lampoon, he discovered the French science-fantasy magazine Métal Hurlant which had debuted January 1975.
Nacque nel febbraio del 2000 ed era il primo magazine quattordicinale dedicato al PC mai pubblicato in Italia.
An example of MLX type-in program code as printed in compute!'s Gazette.At one stage it was, in its own words, "Britain's biggest selling home computer magazine".Mit einer Auflage von 140.000 Exemplaren war die PC Player im März 1994 die meistverkaufte Computerspiele-Zeitschrift Deutschlands.Sportsbet also earned top honors for the highest number of active accounts among surveyed punters.

The scientific discoveries and technological innovations produced by Bell System research and engineering were critical not only to the evolution of global telecommunications but, more widely, they had a considerable impact on the technological base of the global economy and, indeed, on our daily lives.
It was founded by an Italian company, World Editions, which was looking to break in to the American market.
In its heyday, RUN's monthly circulation was in the 200,000300,000 range.
With the sale of Avalon Hill to Hasbro in 1998 the magazine ceased.
This collection consists of dozens of magazine runs, digitized from fading piles of older magazines by an army prairie band casino resort winners of anonymous contributors.It was founded by industrial Alberto Mondadori and scientist Felice Ippolito.After the first batch sold out, he made.From Wikipedia: RUN was an American computer magazine published monthly by IDG Communications with its first issue debuting in January 1984.Publishing its first issue in July 1983, the Gazette was a Commodore-only daughter magazine of the computer hobbyist magazine compute!Crash was initially launched in 1983 by Roger Kean, Oliver Frey and Franco Frey as a mail order software hospital home lottery tax deductible catalogue that included several pages of reviews.PC Player war ein deutsches PC-Spiele-Magazin, das von 19 monatlich herausgegeben wurde.Heavy Metal is an American science fiction and fantasy comics magazine, known primarily for its blend of dark fantasy/science fiction and erotica.Besides the glossy magazines, stacks of photocopied, hand-printed and distributed newsletters brought information and insight to computer users.The precursor to PC Zone was the award-winning multiformat title Zero.

The Times-News began publication in 1904 as the Twin Falls Weekly News.
DPK Magazine is a Russian-language computer magazine from the late 2000s.