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Adam Hills Tonight : In one of gangster vegas mafia game the "Hannah Has a Go" segments, Hannah had a go at learning archery.
Skylanders : Hats sometimes appear on capitol casino sac the trolls in Cloud Patrol so that you can blast them off.
Comic Strips Calvin and Hobbes : Calvin tries this with a snowball and snowman.
On Phineas and Ferb the trope is played with, in "Picture This".
In the Origins Episode of Dan., a young Dan at summer camp is tied up by a Gang of Bullies to shoot apples off his head, but Chris rescues him before they take a shot.He fails, and despite the subject being made of snow, we're treated to a Gory Discretion Shot.One account of his death says that in 1829 in a drunken stupor, when aiming at a mug of beer from the head of his longtime friend, John Carpenter, he shot low; shortly thereafter, his other longtime friend, Talbot, retaliated by killing Fink, using Carpenter's.After Azula ruins the dinner she set up by giggling in the bushes with Ty Lee, the couple go on a walk where they run into Jin.It ends when the other whips out an uzi, and amazingly, doesn't get his friend killed while blasting wildly.Western Animation Happened on Tom and Jerry at least once, with the apple on Jerry's head.There's a reason the trope-naming incident was such a big deal: It's shooting a deadly weapon at a small object near a person's head.McKinley Glacier Bay National Park Denali National Park Art Matanuska Glacier Pennsylvania Art Georgia Art California Art Arizona Art Palm Tree Art Antelope Canyon Art Arizona State University Canyon de Chelly National Monument Art Grand Canyon Art Havasu Falls Monument Valley Art Northern Arizona University.She sprang it on him all of a sudden during the show.Train Photography Thyme Chives Coffee Bean Art Coffee Pots Coffee Word Art Tony Stewart Espresso Art Cappuccino Art Mocha Art Latte Art Cafe au Lait Coffee Grinders Abstract Number Art Rosemary Art Basil Art Oregano Art Parsley Art Mint Art Gingko Art Zen Art Macchiato.In Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Robyn Hood #3 (the original mini-series Robyn shoots an apple off the head of Little John during a bonding session with the Merry Men.

He ends up blowing off a good chunk of the poor guy's arm.
The Jackal was planning to kill the man anyway, so his only concern is that the sights aren't aligned properly.
Will does shoot an apple, but it's tied to a string, not on anyone's head.
So, then there are murmurs of "bet he can't do it again and drunk logic being what it is, the whole scene is set up again, but with everyone drunk.
I count pretty fast.Eventually, a woman tells them to cut it out, and the argument degenerates into a brawl.In the Van Beuren Studios Little King cartoon "A Royal Good Time the King has his servants place apples on their heads, which he perfectly shoots off with his rifle as he moves along.Find My Finds: Amazon, etsy, bonanza, ecrater, poshmark, missBargainHuntressShop, i had a very positive attitude heading out that day, expecting to find great things.On Gor the Wagon Peoples had a similar thing as a contest of skill - a slavegirl would stand in profile holding a piece of fruit in her teeth and a warrior would lance it while galloping by on the local equivalent of a horse.Milton : Yeah fuck you, you shoot me and you can fuckin' kiss all that meth money goodbye!The candidate had to hit a string a bag with gold was hanging on if he hit the string, the gold was his.

In this version, Tell is nearsighted and has broken his glasses, leaving his son fearing for his life as the date approaches.
Cat tries doing this to Quack Quack.