A straight flush beating a four-of-a-kind does not count, nor does a straight flush beating a straight flush.
As the winner, Tallent got 20 percent totaling 213,712.76.
"Congratulations to all the players at the table.".
Legendary Bad Beat Tales, in August of last year,.2 million bad beat jackpot hit at Playground Poker Club in Montreal, Canada, in a 1/2 Texas holdem cash game.(No word on what sort of tip went to the dealer.).The "Bad Beat" jackpot had risen to 1,068,590 over several months.At the Motor City Casino in Detroit on Tuesday, however, it was reason to pop open a bottle of Dom Perignon.The casino even has had to add cash-game tables and cancel tournaments to meet the demand.The poker bad beat jackpot finally hit at the Motor City Casino.The four 3s earned 40 percent of the jackpot, the winning hand earned 20 percent of the jackpot (213,712 and the remaining players at the table split the rest."And, at Motor City, that bad beat jackpot was four of a kind beaten by four of a kind.".

The "Bad Beat" is triggered when quads or four of a kind lose to better quads.
Poker tables hold 10 people and are usually full.
"Maybe seeing the meteor was a precursor to my luck that night Tallent said.
"I do want to take the money to go play oz lotto 1226 in the World Series of Poker this year.
MotorCity Casino earlier this week was the site of the largest "Bad Beat" jackpot in United States history, with six players walking away with six-figure paydays including the biggest "loser who earned the lion's share of the prize pool, 427,452."Casinos set up bad beat jackpots to pay people when they lose with a really good hand like that Tallent said.For that one, a full house of aces and kings must lose to a better hand.Per casino rules in Texas holdem cash games, a qualifying bad beat consists of quads over quads.MGM Grand Detroit's "Bad Beat" jackpot is around 50,000, and Greektown's around 40,000.The game is Texas Hold'em, with each player being dealt two cards to play with five "community" cards to make up the best five-card hand.The hand loser turned over quad jacks only to find out he was up against a straight flush, which was good for him to receive a 460,140 payday.