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We will not be getting any more of these.
Set S-40 150.00 Includes shipping to any USA location Scroll down the page if you jackpot party casino slot cheats don't need the whole set - we also sell individual punches Important!
It's a weird photo thing!Anvils for Setting Double Cap Rivets Remember that year you worked in Houston after college, and how the secretaries in that huge office building would complain about their hair going flat on days that were either too humid or too dry?Tiny to Small Punches: from 1mm up to 5mm Smaller punches also made by OBC here in Maine are tube punches available in a variety of sizes from 1mm up to 5mm.Punch a hole in the leather or fabric, stick the eyelet in, turn upside down (the leather, not you, although you could probably still set it that way, but then again your face would be all red and you'd have to try to explain just.Brettuns Village Copper Rivet Setter, made to last a lifetime, the Brettuns Village Copper Rivet Setter is 4-1/4" long and 1/2" in diameter through the handle.

Note: Some sizes of arch punch may not be regular stock and will be fabricated when you order. .
Face diameter on the medium mallets.75" and they weigh. .
Brettuns Village Leather Three Tool Set: Item Code bvtc 45 Or Get our Super Tool Set-up Set of 5 BV tools includes our copper rivet setter, small and large eyelet setters, splash tool for tubular rivets, and concave setter for rapid eagles club bingo rivets.
Throat depth is about an inch - in other words that's how far up onto the leather you can reach and still punch a hole.This tool is OK if you need to get through a couple of projects. .The handle.00, tubes are 6 each, USA shipping included, like always around this clam stand.Punch a hole in the leather, put the post rivet through, cheltenham betting bonus put the pin end of this tool in the throat of the rivet, give it a good whack with the mallet, and the end of the rivet splits into six flower petal sort.You'll see once you try. .Excellent Quality Professional Tools Made in Maine! .Heart shape.5" across by 1-3/8" tall. .Sold in two sizes: 6x6 inches for 15, 8x12 inches for 35, or 18x24 for.00.