For us, it's one likely only to be used by serious golfers who'll cherish this club.
True Roll face technology sees grooves milled to different widths.
Weighted alignment wings increase MOI and stability.
The heads wider than Clevelands.0 with very slightly inter poker review protruding toe and heel weights.For us, a straight red line across november 9 2011 wsop the centre of the discs on the top would raise this design up to a whole new level.It means you can change your set-up in an instant.Scotty hasn't yet bought into face groove tech like many others, but when his putters roll as well as this we're not sure he needs.

And thats the bit all three testers struggled with.
9 Excellent Used with very minor signs of light usage.
So it's fair to say there's a ton of experience rolled into his new concept.Website m Headweight 370g Grip Superstroke Slim.0 (with Counter Core make money online 3d Tech) Toe hang Moderate You need to know: Odyssey's engineers reckon the new "microhinge" face insert in the OWorks redefines what golfers consider to be good roll.We say: Its really difficult to quantify gains in performance when it comes to buying a premium putter just like its hard to say a pair of designer shoes perform better than a pair from Clarks.We reckon the new model is a big step forward from last years Spider Tour.Verdict: We couldnt run a MOI putter test and leave out the highest MOI performance models on the market.These models are all cast and then skim milled, so you get a very sharp, clean appearance at address.It's a really simple, straightforward matt black head with a single silver alignment stripe right at the same height as the centre of the ball.Top 10 Blade Putters 2018, with so many different models and options to consider, picking a new putter can be a daunting task.