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ZIP (36 Kbytes) 12/23/03 MIX is a four function calculator that can handle MIXed linear dimensions - both metric and Imperial.
I wrote a program to examine its operation and calculate the actual bore diameter.
My task-oriented instinct is to finish each write-up, once started.(parallel resistors, series capacitors) RSS sqrt (x1*x1 x2*x2.) (root-sum-square) RMS sqrt (x1*x1 x2*x2.Also calculate the temperature change needed for an input change in dimension.Vaughan gem that simplifies the calculations associated with cylindrical tapers.The calculations can be tedious but Steve Horace has worked the problem and sent along several approaches that make this operation easy.Several algebraic approximations for the perimeter are given and their accuracy can be tested against a high accuracy model of the elliptic integral.You enter what you know and it calculates the unknown quantities.I began by creating a template a blank.All BA threads have a thread angle.5 deg.(define-syntax ck (syntax-rules ") (ck 'v) v) ; yield the value on empty stack (ck (op.).).This program calculates the depths of cut and required inclination angle.

Added 'Automatically apply solo/mute to selected Channel' button next to solo/mute buttons.
His remarks are specific to XP but I expect they are applicable to other flavors of MS so-called operating systems.
At the bottom of this dialog is a single check-box "Close on exit".
ZIP (31 Kbytes) 12/16/99 How to calibrate a bucket-shaped (conical frustum) container.
And it generates the correct g-codes, which can then be written to a file for export to the machine.He writes: In Explorer, right-click on the.exe program name.This describes play mobile casino games a straightforward way of doing it with nothing more than a lathe and a bit of mathematics which the program will sort out for you.Theyre instead a tool to induce fast learning, and this fast learning, in turn, increases the rate at which I can explore a problem space exactly what I need in my research.Many of the programs have built-in default values for the user inputs.A second program removes the need for making the separating link in favor of an approach that uses two butted cylinders of differing diameters.The syntax-rule macro system of R5RS does not seem to scale beyond simple macros.ZIP (30 Kbytes) 10/02/03 Sometimes it's easier to remember a number with lots of decimal places by expressing it as a rational fraction (like approximating pi by 355/113).Instead I had abandoned the document as soon as something more relevant popped onto my radar.