They finished rock-bottom in the semifinal in 2008 (with the fewest points of any song in any show that year didn't enter the next two years and failed to qualify the next three years.
This was lampshaded by one of the US commentators, who told American viewers to just watch it on Youtube.
"The 25 Best Concerts in Phoenix in July 2016: Chicago Wednesday, July 6 Celebrity Theatre".
"review: Chicago shows it's a hard habit to break with a night filled with hits".Maloni, Joshua (October 18, 2015).The top 4: Norway (born in Belarus Iceland (born in Denmark Azerbaijan (one of the singers was Swedish and Turkey (born and broke through in Belgium).Pre-contest rumors of ivan wishing to perform naked with a live wolf on the stage (nudity and live animals are both expressly prohibited by the EBU on the stage) were proven half-true when the act opens with a screen projection of ivan singing.Even the French entry, Amaury Vassili's "Sognu was in Corsican rather than French.

In 2016, the Czech Republic finally made its way into the final.
However, this rule was removed after a long string florida lucky money payout of wins by Ireland, who were felt to have an unfair advantage by being one of only three countries able to sing in English, which was rapidly becoming the lingua franca of Europe.
Butt-Monkey : While Eurovision is treated as simply a campy fun fest for some, it can often be seen as a yearly frustration fest in regards to nations that are considered to be perennial losers on the final points table or for those suffering.
Nowadays, it can be heard on a television program by the RTP television channel, also called Depois do Adeus.
They finished 3rd last.In fact the winner doesn't have to host it the next year, though turning it down would involve a certain loss of face.The entry was disqualified.Lyrical Dissonance : Most notably Waterloo, an upbeat song comparing the narrator's relationship to the Battle of Waterloo, and Merci, a happy-sounding song about the children who die crossing the Mediterranean bondage card game while fleeing with their families (but it might be justified in that.This also happened in 1974.France's entry in 2009, Et s'il fallait le faire by leading chanson singer Patricia Kaas.