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naw sports gambling online 7 states hes on- 5:31pmCaught two on the poppers casting into the boils I beleive I heard one boat having released two marlin- 43 area?_ We've got tuna popping in front of us- yea we were chasing them an hour ago- we had a 100.
E-Mail from Foxi Lady - Pete.
Beautiful day on water, lots of life on the bank.
One theory of mine and there are many- is that the fish either strike or take a lure presented to them- They like to "Strike" brightly colored lures (Oranges/bright Greens/Yellows/ Reds) and "Take" resembling or natural colored looking (mackerel colored, dark greens or dark colors).Jumper turned tailor wanted to bite!Following the currents for the past several months at a daily viewing brings one to wonder about their effect on where the bait and sealife appears.Home and cleaned up in Irvine by 2:30.-Still foggy here on the beach-3pmRoyal Slam dumps one too off the East end- Fog finally was edged back from the coastline after 5 pm still lingering offshore, Avalon to the LB Breakwater also had fog most.Birds diving on the bait the marlin were chasing.Good way to start the day Dad catching his marlin on sons boat-!-Reported last weekend - hooked a Blue last weekend light lucky seven slots kirkland tackle tournament.Veterans Day Come on in- were almost out of bait and haven't had a bite for twenty minutes- tuna fishermen south of the 209- Seas calm and welcoming- light east breeze has the water sparklin' with the mornings sunlight.

Wally Dialed Inn Thursday Report Seals barkin in the morning's air, here in Newport- light marine haze and a soft cool seabreeze from the Southwest, Building to a westerly this afternoon- Water temps remain warn at 68/ 71 tides are flattening out- Moons at half.
Slow downhill coastal currents.
Made 4 casts- one smal nudge- quit- pelicans diving into bait schools- looks good.
We hope to bring as many as 30 war heroes on this epic trip with the help from freedom alliance.
Yellowtail, Seriola lalandi Weve got to call him JackJack comes from the Cedros Islands area. .Rricane Hilary will begin impacting the zones offshore of Baja California through Friday with increased winds and through Saturday night with large southerly swell to.The girth was 54 inches by 70 inches long approximate 255 lbs.And one more day in May the Sad news- that our good friend Joe Winkelmann Old Joe passed away in his sleep Monday.Igmr Update: 2015 mabt igmr Race Report Available The igmr Race Report is now available on the race page or by clicking here.Headed to Mexico- - SAC Sportfishing Asso of Southern California.No wind- seas flat- Received notice of classes being held for Boating Skills and Seamanship held here in Newport beginning later this month- not a bad idea for those who are new to the Southern Calif waters.In association with a downwelling oceanic Kelvin wave.

3 Pacific Bluefin Tuna taken on igfa 50 lb class line- Sweet!
The ocean floor spreading tore southern Baja California from mainland Mexico 4 million years ago and has subsequently rafted it 260 kilometers to the northwest along the Tamayo Fracture Zone.
In scientific studies, Albacore have about an average 10 year life span, judging from graphs- there isn't an albacore alive now who's ever been in the California waters!