BUT, on FTP the highstack tables could be fake, just border casino thackerville ok show, just marketing.
From the beginning of the year up until a few weeks ago, Cadillac1944 had been one of the regulars at Full Tilt Pokers nosebleed tables.
Ti-ke suurimmat voittajat ja häviäjät: cadillac skjervoy 306 989, texas lotto live drawing urnotINdanger durrrr, arbianight -588 240.On nosebleed stakes it can be a painfull game, the already high variance skyrockets easy star realms card game review there with so many skillfull players.High Stakes: Durrrr loses BIG, tags: cadillac1944, durrrr, high stakes, tom dwan.Once again, the turn and the river failed to dethrone the favorite and Galfond managed to recover some of his losses.Because its all win-win for them especially as its their friends who run f/tilt and theres nothing better than 2have e1 talking about the site, its a marketing ploy, lol!

And as I am finishing writing this, he is playing Andreas Skjervoy Torbergsen.
Durr was just very unlucky this time loosing to an unknown player.
Once again, there was a multi-handed all-in after the flop, with Galfond, Cadillac1944 and LokoIsback involved.Meanwhile, on the losing side of things, cadillac1944 is threatening to become the new Isildur1, but with more downswings.Pokeriuutiset, 10:25, tom "durrrr" Dwan ja nikki cadillac1944 ottivat Full Tilt Pokerilla yhteen huimassa heads up -matsissa 500/1k PLO:ssa.The player with the Aces would call or raise every time you donk, while he would not cbet when you check to him.The most telling proof of this is the match he just finished against durrrr in which he won 459K.He showed up on the high-stakes scene in the summer, and is now down about.8 million for his career.