cameron's referendum gamble has failed

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Unchecked by its leadership, Conservative Party infighting over Europe has intensified.
Thats why he and his ministers have focused so tightly on the golden casket gold lotto short-term, on the transitional costs of exit.
Slovenes hold referendum on communist-era files (Update).Cameron went back to Brussels in hopes of finalizing the deal.Google suspends all ads related to Irish abortion referendum Google is suspending all advertising connected to Ireland's abortion referendum as part of moves to protect "election integrity the company announced Wednesday.More often than not it greektown casino parking fee proves to be a successful strategy, but not always.The idea is to nag away, to keep pointing out the threats to jobs and investment, in the belief that undecided voters will eventually conclude that the risk is simply not worth taking.While there were still plenty of details to iron out, the proposed agreement seemed to satisfy most of the prime ministers demands.Expect him to let the prime minister squirm for a bit.The Brexit camp has not really worked out a way of countering this.

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Cameron has spiked his own big gun.
Austria tiring of being 'ashtray of Europe' Austria is tiring of its reputation as "the ashtray of Europe"at least according to the results of a nationwide petition backing a ban on smoking in cafes and restaurants.
Look, he has said, I am no great fan of Europe.Governments tried and tested model for key electoral tests is to rely on voters innate conservatism to carry the day.The approach is not glamorous.The results show that less than 30 per cent of participants would not have approved of the decision, regardless of the justification used to not hold the referendum.The leader of the opposition has never been a fan of the EU, warned that the single currency would be a job-destroying machine and would almost certainly be in the Brexit camp were it not for the fact that he was chosen to succeed.But it has proved quietly effective.