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Watch the full step-by-step tutorial, hERE!
Check out the video here to see exactly how I made my jeans!I hope to learn more and more with each pair I make! .I was not actually tagged to make this video (as far as I know but it was fun to make anyway. .6) What is your most used pattern?Ill be back on Wednesday with another new sewing tutorial!We are creating jobs and revenue for cities. .If you want more details on the supplies I use in my videos, you can find them all here! .Saturday June 22 at 8:00pm, murder BY marriage!, a comedy murder mystery dinner show at THE views.The bag body finishes approximately 8.5 inches (uncenched). .Instead of a ribbon casing at the very top, the casing is two inches down creating a gathered embellishment when the bag is closed.

Will you be making some of these drawstring bags? .
Decide on your finished bag size (accounting for ease and dimension of the items that will be inside) and add a half inch to the height and width for seam allowances. .
This will require a whole new pattern drafting and several more practice pairs, so Im not sure when Ill be able play poker australia to start, but I cant wait!
You can make a bag in any size you like to suit your needs. .
My daughter Peyton has been obsessed with Batman since she met OKC Batman last year. .With reusable options do you personalize them for the receiver to use in other ways or prefer them to be used as wrapping again the next year?I love how my jeans turned out, but it was a long journey to get them made with plenty of struggles along the way.YEP, Im planning on making more vintage style jeans in the future! .Growing up my mom made most of my clothes and some of her own. .A couple of months ago I came across The Crafty Pinups version of The Seamstress Tag on her youTube channel. .So did any of my answers surprise you? .Seriously though, how cute are these two?!?When we go to the thrift store we usually start near the craft area to see if there are any good sewing patterns. .

This week Im sharing a tutorial for the Road to Oklahoma block.
The smaller bag can easily fit a pint size mason jar and the larger bag can hold a quart size jar. .