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Gary and I think we may wipe away a tear or two when we spend the last night in this barn, but were so excited for the next chapter and are beside florida lottery cash 3 pick 4 ourselves with glee.
Whether they were tiny or large, temporary or lasting, they were a roof over our heads as we reached for our stars.
What began as an idea for a pretty workshop blossomed into a full scale house. .
Weve loved entertaining throughout the holidays, and never is the barn more beautiful than when its all decked out for Christmas.From the huge concrete pillars to support the workshop, to the gorgeous curving staircase, this project was quite unique.Ive sat here putting numbers into columns on spreadsheets as Ive listened to the soft background noise below me of saws and sanders and garage doors opening and closing.We finally had to turn the physical work over to others while we focused our energies on the office end of Field Day, Inc. . Thats the longest weve ever stayed put.People have been surprised unibet bonus code no deposit that were making plans to sell the barn, since it was our dream home.Two huge days stand out in this red barn every year Thanksgiving and Christmas. . But to us, all of our homes have been dream homes.All trademarks are properties of their respective owners.Field Day is now in its 11th year and the line-up reflects how and why the UK festival has remained one of the most anticipated festivals of the year. Countless!

I wouldnt say we out grew that but I might say we grew too old for that. .
Every few weeks the barn is full of family members. .
I do love my fruit trees and roses and for those of you whove been with me on this blogging journey over the years you know Ive even come to terms with my crepe myrtles.
I feel so fortunate to have had this grand chapter in my life to play hostess so often. .
Without all the clients who have sat there with us pouring over house plans, this big barn would never have existed. .Sat 24 Nov 27 14, clear. . .So now its time to move. .Were seeing the finish line on the horizon for our business. .Gary and I both say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.Products Services, by continuing past this page, you agree to our.Sun 25 Nov 29 16, partly cloudy, mon 26 Nov 26 16, partly cloudy.