dragon play poker chips for sale

Go to a table with a mix of new players, old players, and you shall see.
This developer is a monster!
I am now down to 500 thousand when it took me years to get to where I was.
I am sure if they were honest the gambling apps with free money business model would still pay off but instead they choose to be crooks.
Kingtut, jun 20, 2012.They must have a lot of issues, because they sure do have a lot of answers!Sort it out as its a fking joke!I don't know why it didn't show in friend list.Cash in your winnings to buy into high-stakes tables, compete with elite poker players and prove youre a true poker shark.As an IT Tech myself I find it hard to believe that anyone programmer or IT would even think about implementing something like this.Sit Go Poker Tournaments, shootout Poker Tournaments.Instead they said it was nothing wrong with their system so they were not going to compensate me at all.Everything that was happening at the time I didn't receive the winnings, etc.Some you win; some you lose.

The same thing happened to a friend who was at my buddy list that had more than 3billion chips and in just one day like.
So, do not buy chips and just play the game putting up with the rigged hands.
One donkey beat after another.
Daily bonuses and promotions.AngelShark Oct 3, 2013 First in line when the class actions starts!That thing was driving me crazy.I like this game alot, and it is depressing that I can't seem to get my gold transferred.Lets get together and beat them legally.There is no reason this game needs to be able to turn on my wifi and reconfigure my wifi wireless hotspots to work.Fast Fold Poker Tables, hUGE prizes!I ordered another gold package and as soon as finished entering my acct.D.Please, please dragonplay, give me back my gold.I opened an Issue with Support.

My account was hacked and resulted in my total loss of 17 million in dragon gold.
I had.4 billion chips and in just one day lost all my chips.
OMG thanks to you!