duty roulette guildhests

This is easily indicated by your Straight Shot icon blinking.
Coerthas Western Highlands (37,27 spawns 14, bergthurs, bergthurs, berg-Jötunn, larry lotto login or register to post screenshots!
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Start sniping your hunting log.The higher it is, the more value it is for EXP.If youre new, you access this by pressing (default) P Role.Your journey is long, and killing monsters isnt that large of a source of EXP.

I mention this now at level 10 since we have a special guildhest Under the Armor.
Not too important of a skill, dont stress out to find a good bind for.
Learn all about your skills, role actions, and how to level up here!
Use it on large packs, or on fat guys.
L25 ARC Class Quest check in on your guildmaster in Gridania Archers Guild.You should seek to complete as many relevant entries as you can before the week resets at which time try to chase the good ones before its too late!You should be using a, healer or Tank chocobo companion (maybe a hybrid of the two).The entire ARC Tier 1 hunting log can be found in Central and North Shroud.To become a Bard you merely have to equip it (its on the lower right most equipment slot).

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