At the moment, docking with a spaceport requires players to slow down to a certain speed and then warp to the ship's regular speed when you get close.
More news will come out for both updates closer to their respective launch dates, but Dowie foxwoods bingo reservations mentioned a few more tidbits about.
Even though, elite: Dangerous was officially released last December, the development team at Frontier Developments has more plans for its vast space-faring game.Classic game 'Elite' returns on Kickstarter, The Register.Instead of running illegal goods and contributing to my faction in Powerplay, the game's faction-based content, (both of which require patience and many hours of travel I was fighting for every single second in CQC.Obviously, this will tie into the game's eventual crafting add-on that should come next year.Situated in smaller maps, players compete and rise up the online rankings in an attempt to be the best commander in the universe.Follow Rexly PeƱaflorida II @Heirdeux.Horizons and its landmark planetary landings have been a fixed addition since the game's genesis.The map was a small station with asteroids dotting the space around.

Still, the developers are now working on two fronts after its release: another gameplay update called "Ships" and obviously, Horizons.
The only way to stay alive and shoot down enemies was to outmaneuver enemy fire and keep a weapon close by for potential targets.
Aside from landing on a planet, the surface can also hold exclusive items that aren't found in the deep reaches of space.Elite: Dangerous announced as sequel to 1980s space trader, VG247.The round lasted for about 10 minutes or so, but it was more intense than most of my sorties in the open-world game.Horizons, which allows players to land on planets, among other features.One prevailing strategy that everyone figured out in the early minutes was to abruptly stop the ship during the chase for a quick turn, or turning the table by becoming the hunter instead of prey.Other tactics included flying through tight spots on the space station or hiding behind asteroids until the perfect moment arrived to flank enemies.Xbox One players were filing exempt for bonus check the first to get their hands on it, but in the days following the show, the beta version is out for PC players.Follow us @tomshardware, on, facebook and on, google).More To Follow, with the CQC beta ready for PC, it's only a matter of time until the full version is released.