In past decades scammers used letters to send out messages to unsuspecting members of wheel of fortune bonus puzzle march 2 2015 the public, to extort fees and money from them.
Youll be asked to make contact with an agent (a criminal) who will demand money from you when you try and claim your prize.
Joane Taljaard Myburgh 16:09 Joane Taljaard Myburgh Anna, just tell me what you want from me Anna John 16:10 Anna John I don't want anything from you.
You may get a friend request from someone youre already friends with, or someone you appear to know in real life.Theyll take your fee and then disappear.Joane Taljaard Myburgh 16:37 Joane Taljaard Myburgh Yes Anna John 16:37 Anna John Tell me how much in Dollar Joane Taljaard Myburgh 16:39 Joane Taljaard Myburgh I don't know, I don't now the currency.To whom must the payment go, is it on delivery?Note:this is 100 real and legit and the FBI are aware of this lottery promo.Facebook Lottery scam exposed: Facebook Lottery Scam Video, this is the most common social media scam out there, along with the.Related Articles And Pages Full List of Phishing Scams Facebook Account Winner Scam Facebook Work From Home Scam Free Gift Card Scam iTunes Gift Card Scam Bad Credit Car how to play the card game casino game online free Loans Scam Low Interest Rate Credit Cards Scam Solar Panels For Your Home Scam Duplicate Facebook.Don't be one of them.The advice from the site themselves and from the FBI is that if you get targeted, report it to Facebook and the police straight away.A spokesman for the police in the county said theyd received word from an extremely embarrassed, angry and upset man whod been conned out of a six-figure sum over a period of two months by scammers who had illegally targeted him with the promise.

Anna John 16:24 Anna John Here is the Delivery option we offer to our Customers Premium Express (24hrs Delivery) Courier charge :200 Administrative: 100 Hold For pick up: 100 Insurance: 150 total 550.
R300 is 31,83 dollar Anna John 16:40 Anna John Oh, Do you know what?
The email list of online casino quatro will seem to be genuine, but they arent.Facebook Lottery Scam Victim #2, if something sounds too good to be true, then it more than likely is, and thats the message police are trying to hammer home, after an innocent man from Norfolk County lost 100,000 in an appalling act by cowards instigating.Okay, what do you want?Diplomatic Courier Delivery (ATM card delivery) Joane Taljaard Myburgh 16:16 Joane Taljaard Myburgh Which will be the best for me?This is also a fake position as Facebook doesn't have such a thing.You remember all of a sudden that you added this 'Jennifer Goosen' insert any name you want here as a friend about a month ago although you didn't really know her.Regards Anna John 16:30 Anna John You don't want your winnings?

Best regards, Ben Morgan Joane Taljaard Myburgh 16:26 Joane Taljaard Myburgh Anna, unfortunatelly I don't have that kind of money, I am a pensioner Anna John 16:27 Anna John Ok, How do you want your winnings to be deliver to you?
Facebook Lottery Scam Victim #1, facebook lottery scam victim John was conned out of 200 in order to claim a fake lottery prize that seemed so legitimate it had both he and his partner convinced.