final fantasy chocobo card game

CP crush Destory all of opponet's RED, blue, xxxxx green, yellow crystals.
Acquired from - Silver in Wacky Wall Climb xxxxx Odin - 098 antetsuken X DX Effect: A - Crystal ability blue yellow yello X Deal united explorer card bonus 70 3 damage for each blue in opponet's CP gauge.
Freeze Opponet takes double damage from blue next round.Yes, I would like to sign up for the Square Enix members Newsletter.If an A meets nfl wild card round game times an D, the attack fails, and it will trigger any guard ability on the defending card.Acquired from Note will tell you how to procure the card if you haven't.Xxxxx Iron Giant - 091 Fist Xffect: A - Crystal ability yello Deal 4 damage.Acquired from - Gold in Mystifying Magnets xxxxx Mist Dragon - 065 Ice Bind X DX Effect: D - Deal 2 damage.

Menu, dS, action Adventure, general, final.
Xxxxx Acquired from - Move the Boulder, Epilogue 3 Adamantoise 1 xxxxx Cactuar - 034 hotosynthesis XD DX Effect: D - Crystal ability CP: green green yello X Recover Restore 2 hp for each yellow(crystal) in opponet's xxxxx CP gauge.
They won't know what i'm swinging or guarding.
Acquired from - Gold in Wacky Wall Climb xxxxx Odin - 099 ungnir Xffect: A - Zone boost Deal 3 damage for each guard zone on X X opponet's card.
Silver - Bahamut 106 Gold - Bahamut 107 Deadly Demon Wall - Silver - Cait Sith 086 Gold - Cait Sith 087 Redeye Rampage - Silver - Cait Sith 089 Gold - Cait Sith 090 Tome Raider - Silver - Phoenix 024 Gold.But to jump to the section, ctrl F will open your seach function.The basic combat rules, If an A meets a blank; its a successful attack and it does full damage (Provided you have the crystals required for the attack, if there is a requirement If an A meets an A, its successful but the attack does.Xxxxx Acquired from - Goal #7 in Vol 2 of Mini Red Riding Hood xxxxx Ramuh - 084 udgement Bolt Xffect: A - Crystal ability yellow yellow yello Deal 9 damage.Can I get a tip for completing such such mini game?Xxxxx Acquired from - Silver in Leaptoad xxxxx Bismarck - 069 ngulf ffect: A - Deal 3 damage.If the questions are how do you get xxxx card, it will be added to the guide as soon as I can muster up that information.A few good decks with crystal control and other things make me not play this deck a lot but its played.Xxxxx Acquired from - Shiva and Ifrit chest (see below) xxxxx Typhon (green) - 120 how Time X AX Effect: A - Deal 2 damage for each green(Crystal) in your CP gauge.Xxxxx Acquired from - Goal #7 in Vol 2 of Unicorn and Musicians xxxxx Cait Sith - 089 arvelous Cheer Xffect: A - Crystal ability RED blue yello X Deal 1 damage for each RED, blue, yellow in opponet's CP gauge.