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Next, decide if you want an internal link or an external link, and then select that option using the panel Word displays on your left. .
Smashwords does not accept public domain works, books that advocate hate speech/racism/homophobia, books that advocate illegal activities, or books in which the content includes word-for-word scrapes from Wikipedia or other public domain or content farm sources. .
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See the defintions below for "distributor" and "retailer." Author page - Every Smashwords author has their own author page, which is kind of like a mini bookstore featuring a listing of their books, along with a biography, social media links, a headshot and last but.These sites are actually beneficial to you. .Barely legal (characters who recently turned 18 bingo sun city az years of age while generally allowed at most retailers, will always receive special scrutiny. .To read our complete privacy policy, click here.Experiment with different settings and choose the setting that best matches your reading preference.Is it possible to remove my books from the affiliate program?

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A distributor aggregates the books from hundreds of (or in case of Smashwords, over 100,000) authors and publishers and distributes the books to major retailers. .
Each time you purchase a Smashwords book, 85 of the net proceeds go to the author and 15 go to Smashwords.
If you want to replace a previously published book with a new version, go to your Smashwords Dashboard, and if beside the title of your book it reads "publish" then click publish, and that will put your original version back into the system.
Contact Jim Azevedo at firstname at you know where dot com.The retailer is listing my book in the wrong category.What languages does iBooks not support?Plug your Android device via USB into your computer.Smashwords retailers ask you not contact them directly, since many of the changes and corrections can be made faster and more efficiently by Smashwords. .Next, open your document, highlight everything (press ctrl-A then change everything to Normal paragraph style.There are three types of piracy that concern authors:.Update once, broadcast everywhere. .The PDF format was created by Adobe Systems, and by the late '90s it was one of the most popular ebook formats. .

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How to credit multiple co-authors in the metadata.