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Modern sugar-beet harvester is one of the most popular examples of the root crop harvesting machine.Hand/Manual Harvesting: Also termed as hand reaping, it includes plucking the ears of grain directly by hand, cutting the grain stalks with a sickle, cutting them with a scythe, or with a later type of scythe called a cradle.9 Citrus fruit robot pickers have thus far been the focus of research and development, but cherry pickers are also being researched.Production Flow - Bale net, bACK.

Tomato harvesting machine is the most common example of this.
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Through mechanized farming, many countries in the world are reaching the upper limits of their cultivable land.
There are several types of harvesting machines which are generally classified by crop.
Safety net, production Flow - Safety net, bACK.Construction net, Building net, production Flow - Building net.In the past, when harvesting was done manually, a substantial portion of the crop was wasted.Machines like field choppers, balers, mowers, crushers and windrowers are the common examples of this category.Workers edit, fruit-growing polytunnels with caravans for the mainly Eastern European fruit workers conveniently parked behind, Perth and Kinross, Scotland, March 2009 Most fruit picking is done by migrant workers, who can be paid relatively low wages.Harvesting machines are also used for controlling the production of weeds.The increasing use of agricultural machinery, equipments and fertilizers coupled with better irrigation facilities, together revolutionizes the agricultural sector.This benefit does not apply to all parts of Australia - one must undertake work in selected post-code areas to become eligible for the extra year.Polyester knotless fish net, production Flow - Knotless fish net.

Harvesting machine not only saves the time but also reduces the quantity of waste to a great extent.