You asked me if you could switch it to an engagement session instead.
Megan Mook was the photographer that was doing the photo shoot.
just sharing SO nobody else risks their time AND money ON gambol photography!If you have a nice camera, you can be a photographer!Continuous Live Bingo Games, new Bingo Zone games start every few minutes around the clock, 24/7.Literally the only days I do not do any work whatsoever are on Sundays ( oh, except for people that I thought were kindhearted and thankful to have a free photo shoot that I drove over an hour *on a Sunday* to come and.28 (WED megan: Ill let you know when I get your disc mailed out ( which, like I said, Im expecting will be Friday morning, so youll probably have them in your hands by Saturday.That means, I inquired as to whether or not you were willing.Totally unacceptable.

A *real* photographer will not release poor quality, un-worked images to you, period.
Im sure you can do the math to figure out how long it takes just to edit that many images.
Not working on my precious-few off days or holidays ( so selfish of me ).
Those people get priority, as I mentioned, and surely you can understand the workings of that.
I dont have much faith in it either.Very unprofessional when working with clients You can see the email below.Which brings me to the next issue:.Gambol Photography in Charlotte,.My whole livelihood relies on my honesty and being open with my clients.Free To Play, simply register and you can start winning free cash!I dont have to post any images on there that I dont feel like posting ( this actually didnt even apply to your shoot; I loved your images ).How will I get paid?I should have simply split my attention between your and 4 other brides photos.