h1b lottery results 2018

Immigration Trackers is a sister site of Happy Schools ( you can hon dah casino buffet menu track your and others Immigration Case Status).
If you have a unique situation, be willing to spend some money to get your questions answered by an immigration expert.
If the annual cap is met and it is time for the lottery 11 casino there are a couple of possible outcomes.
You can Schedule the Visa Interview.S.How will I know if my petition was accepted in the H1B Lottery 2108?Make sure to subscribe to get notifications in your inbox.April 2nd was the official filing date for petitions.

You have to understand the concept of H1B Visa and.
Before we know the actual number of applications we cannot tell you the exact chances of winning the lottery but we can take a look at do i have to pay tax on lottery winnings previous year to give an idea.
Require a highly specialized skill, as documented by the requirement of needing a Bachelors degree.
Take a look at this chart below: Chances of Winning the H1b Lottery Winning the H1B 2018 Lottery depend if you filed under regular cap or advanced degree cap.
Our immigration attorneys can offer additional options to begin the process for the next H-1B season or advise you whether or not a different visa may be suitable.There are different potential outcomes for you: Your H1B petition does not get selected during the lottery: if that happens it is Game Over and you have to try again next year or use any of the H1B alternatives to work in the.Other petitioners can expect to find out about the results of the lottery selection in the coming weeks (35-40 days).How to get an H1B for fiscal year 2018?This depends on the use case.