They can be characterised by calling bets far too frequently (often with blackjack earrings weak hands and by a tendency to only be aggressive when they have the nuts themselves.
Aggression is definitely a valuable skill to have in your poker game but it only works when used in the right places.
As there are only two players, ranges are dramatically wider in every situation.Reads in HU Sit and Go's.In heads-up play, the big-blind will be out of position for the whole hand, save pre-flop.At a full table, the normal raise steakhouse palms casino is 3-5 big-blinds.Limping makes the big blinds life easy.A tight player might as well be defined as a weak player when heads-up.You will be making decisions each and every hand it's a fast, furious and fun way to play poker!Of course, sometimes you wont have any information on the big blind.Of course your opposing players will catch on to your super-tight style, so you would have to switch it up every so often.

There are two main methods we can use to ensure that we come out on top in these heads-up battles.
But thats a drop in the bucket compared to the downside of losing value with some of your biggest hands.
Let's take a step back and look at a full 10-handed table.However, if you are lucky enough to find yourself in a heads-up match where you have a significant skill edge then your probability of winning is higher than ever.If you do that then you will lose a ton of your stack due to posting the blinds every single hand.Here are some useful tactics for dealing with a weaker opponent heads-up, whatever their style of play.Even in a tournament with no antes, you'd still be getting 3:1 which is plenty good enough to call; so based on the pot odds alone, it is never correct to fold pre-flop.On top of that, if you are playing attentive players, they should soon catch on to the fact that you're playing premium hands only, and you'll have a harder what are the 120 free spins casino games time getting paid off.

You also will have to mix your play up occasionally to keep your opponents guessing, and I'd suggest occasionally limping with a strong hand or raising with a weaker one.
This can be very helpful when playing after the flop to quickly figure your odds of hitting your hand.
note: Do you play 6-Max or live cash games and want to improve your HU and shorthanded play?