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Noun edit hit f ( slang, Dutch) something popular (book, song, band, country) Usage notes edit Slang.
(Can we date this"?) Jonathan Swift Millions miss for one that hits.
Pacific Time (except state holidays).
2005, Jordan Houston, Darnell Carlton, Paul Beauregard, Premro Smith, Marlon Goodwin, David Brown, and Willie Hutchinson (lyrics Stay Fly, in Most Known Unknown 1, Sony BMG, performed by Three 6 Mafia (featuring Young Buck, 8 Ball, and MJG Tastes like fruit when you hit it;.(Can we date this"?) William Shakespeare And oft it hits / Where hope is coldest and despair most fits.Mainly used when speaking Dutch, rather than in real Limburgish.This is called Advance Play.Are currently seventh after four rounds.Pronunciation edit Pronoun edit hit n ( accusative hit, genitive monopoly video slots list his, dative him ) it Descendants edit Etymology edit From English hit.(He slaps her face) Bello: (Whimpers) You're after hitting.Cognate with Dutch het (it).For fans new to Sevens it doesn't take long to pick up what is going.One boy hit the other.Pronunciation edit Noun edit hit m inan hit (a success, especially in the entertainment industry) Declension edit Portuguese edit Noun edit hit m ( plural hits ) hit (success, especially in the entertainment industry) Synonyms edit Spanish edit Etymology edit English Noun edit hit m (.

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The hurricane hit his fishing business hard.
To guess; to light upon or discover.Etymology 2 edit From Middle English hit (it from Old English hit (it from Proto-Germanic *hit (this, this one from Proto-Indo-European *e-, *ey- (this, here).When we put those.S.You'll hit some nasty thunderstorms if you descend too late. .The catcher got a hit to lead off the fifth.My site received twice as many hits after being listed in a search engine.Composed in a similar way: Icelandic hegat and hinga.

( transitive, military ) To attack, especially amphibiously.
There was some brilliant handling during the Hamilton leg and it was exciting to watch for both the players and the fans.