how long to claim lottery

Everywhere else your name is out there for any thugs or scam artists to go after you.
I fully trust in the integrity of the lottery system and do know that there are legitimate winners, and that they are not created by the gov't to take the money back, but come on?
Change your name back.Reality is, The government cant in fact setup most of the trusts that you or I would/could.As with all claims, the names of those receiving prize funds and their city of residence is public record.But unfortunately i would be concerned with jealous people, kidnappers, and just anyone that may try to scheme or set me up for robbery.He said "Well, actually, I have a new set of problems.And you don't have to tell the banker you have a winning lottery ticket.That being said, once the money is deposited into the "Whatever kind of Trust You've Set up for privacy purposes' bank account(s).

# :41 PM how to play slots in vegas can you link edit Who wouldn't want their identity anon if they won the lottery?
That's why many people recommend continuing to make house and car payments, for example.
We were talking about it, I mentioned it must be comforting to know your family is taken care of and you have nothing to worry about financially.
As well as having a mortgage on a house that is way out of their league.
Lotto jackpots and Powerball prizes of at least 510,000 must be claimed at Lottery headquarters.So if you want to be close to your family, don't tell them anything.I would move to a secured condo building where all the residents have money.# :27 PM link edit I was wondering?If you claim the lottery jackpot as a blind trust, how do you sign the back of the winning ticket?If your name is Joe, but your greedy relatives read that "Harry Williams wins record setting jackpot" they'll never think of you.I called the California Lottery folks and they said that a winner has to provide their name and location, as it was a matter of public record.How do you win powerball?Get used to do a lot of research and informing yourself, at the end you are the one who makes the decisions, not your team of advisers/ planners.Sensibility will tell you to keep your mouth shut and be humble.

Is it so you too may beg, and adding to their headache.
# 32 jon patterson 08:53 AM link edit Many of you crying about 'keeping secret' who won are fools.
# 27 Danny Wang 03:17 AM link edit Kansas protects winners' privacy, too.