how to build a octagon poker table

Building the Playing Surface, with the wood already cut, the only printable double sided play money thing left to do on the playing surface is upholster it with 1/4" foam and fabric. .
You will have to go through the 15" diameter hole on the bottom of the pedestal that you made in step 2 Now drill 4 more 3/8" holes through the center of the table through the cap of the pedestal and countersink them.
Luckily we have done all of the calculations for you and all you have to do is follow directions.Putting the Rail and Playing Surface Together.I shot the nails at the very top and bottom of the pieces because we will use trim to cover these areas.Repeat this process again rotating 45 degrees clockwise on the previous lines.If you prefer to add a base or legs of some variety, please read.Shoot the nails through the trim into the thickness of the MDF.

Then use a jigsaw to carefully cut the plywood.
Use.5" brad nailer to shoot through the MDF into the Oak Chip Trays, be sure to avoid shooting nails through any of the cutouts on your chip tray).
The below guild will teach you exactly how to build an octagon poker table. .
With just a few saws and a staple gun you can likely get the job done without much trouble. .This part of the tutorial will show you how to quickly and easily upholster an octagon poker table and have it come out perfect every time.Learn More Customer Testimonials, product Reviewed: Monessen Berkley Oak Ventless Gas Logs - Remote Ready - 18, 24 or 30 inch - Propane Quite pleased with customer service, quick shipping and hassle free transaction.1 - 96" X 48".75" Oak Plywood 1 - 96" X 48".5" Oak Plywood 1 - 96" X 48".75" MDF.Use 3/8" bolts to tighten the table down to the pedestal.It is better to measure and draw the pattern on the plywood.