This way you will get a broad range of items.
Entresthe series' term for the fighterscan accumulate large quantities of money by winning but they will have their futures altered if they lose.
For more info on the citizens check trophy Recruiting Consultant.A few are for slaying certain types of monsters or crafting a specific piece of gear.Do a lot of side quests to recruit new citizens."C: Control: The Money and Soul of Possibility Complete Series Blu-ray Anime Review".Refill the mana of all 3 characters to the maximum.Do not spend any until you have 500,000 at the same time.After chapter 5 the Swift Solutions errand-giver will show up in all major settlements.8 Most reviewers found the story to be inconclusive, including Finnegan, who said the series fails to communicate its points, 17 an opinion shared by Carroll.No, minimum Playthroughs : 1, introduction, welcome to the Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom Trophy Guide!New errands will pop up over time.The game is really easy and enemies drop more than enough weapons, armor and health items than youll ever need.You can keep track of this by pressing Touchpad Library Statistics Number of Swift Solutions Errands Completed.

Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed (unlocks in Chapter 3).
Keep in mind you practically need 100 game completion for the platinum so everything you do in this game has some age to go in a casino use towards trophies.
After-install integrity check so you could make sure that everything installed properly.
It took me around 6 hours of grinding the final boss to get to a high-enough level but wasnt actively playing for it (just pressing one button).
» Ni No Kuni 2 Side Quests Guide None of these quests or citizens are missable!Completing errands gives you tokens of gratitude.Step 6: Dreamers Door Mazes (2 Hours) Because these are the hardest you should keep them for last.That just leaves 20 more to find in the open world.To earn this trophy you must cook 50 different recipes.The ingredients can be farmed by your citizens in Evermore (mining camps etc.).The 10th door is not marked.Side-Tracked Awarded for completing 50 side quests.

Higgledy Hotshot Awarded for cooking up 50 different higgledies.
You will have to grind the endboss 50 times or so anyway to get to level 95 for the 10th Dreamers Door.
The fastest way to farm 200 is in Dreamers Door Mazes.