how to play uno card game in hindi

This means that, if played, the player gets to change the color.
Cards labeled Draw 2 or Plus 2 are pickup cards.
For example, if a Green 7 is laid down, any person with a Green 7 may play next.
Each game takes only five to 10 minutes to play, so it's perfect for baccarat animals those with short attention spans or only a few minutes to spare although some families have been known to play the game for hours!
If he cannot, then he must draw a card.Reverse, Skip, and Draw 2 cards score 20 points each. You may say it at any time after this point, but if your opponents catch you before you do then you are penalized just the same.See regular rules for details.Wild Swap Hands 40 Points, Wild Customizable card 40 Points.The Reverse is considered active even if a player did not play it, so it would be the person to the right of the dealer.Wild Draw 4: This card forces the next player to draw 4 cards and skip their turn as if it were the Skip card.In recent years, Mattel has introduced two new Action card types to Uno.

Play is in clockwise direction.
A player is required to say "UNO" before playing their second-to-last card.
The offending player must draw 2 cards.These cards are used in scoring.Please see special rules below for penalties.Every player starts with seven cards, and they are dealt face down.When you have one card left, you must yell "UNO" (meaning one).Wild Swap Hands Card.The first person to reach 500 points is declared the winner.It can even be a good game to reinforce numbers and colors.Alternative Gameplay: This is the alternative Uno gameplay proposed by Mattel.Or the player can throw down a Wild Card.

You can also play a Wild card, or a Wild Draw Four card on your turn.
Scoring for the winning team is done by adding up all the points from opposing partners hands.