hydraulic payout winch

No hydraulics is used.
5 pilots in 2 days, up to 100 flights, or 10 flights for each pilot.
Winch specifications, dimensions while packed 56x48x33 cm, dimensions prepared to work 108x48x33 cm, weight 53kg.
Where are we - Estonia!2x Increased cooling fan output, dimensions while packed 56x48x33 cm, dimensions prepared to work 108x48x33. The end result is nothing short of awesome.Commercial operation 8-10 tandem flights per hour, sea operation from crowded beaches, taking off and landing from the same location.Use same winch for multiple vehicles.This machine replaces our top of the line do it all winch that was based on the Red Bull Winch sessions project and is available now.

40C, drum capacity dyneema line.5mm 1800m (BS 740kg 260m/kg ) dyneema line.0mm 1300m (BS 1050kg 205m/kg ).
Check it out: (Superwinch II abvoe shown with tacoma bed adapter and a limited edition Honda igx440).
Hang glider towing, boat operation, car tow operation, tandem operation.
What do we do - sell Hydraulic payout winch"Eladia" for towing Paragliders Hang Gliders!
WHO are we - engineers and paraglider pilots!(compared to static winches).Dimensions prepared to work 600 x 500 x 400mm, mounting type, flat surface or tow hitch(caravan) using mounting bracket. This winch is capable of payout towing and stationary towing with a variety of power options available.We have used the already proven technology of sprag drives and hydraulics and improved on several key aspects.HOW to order - write us or visit our webpage mehr relocation bonus and moving expenses anzeigen.