jericho bonus codes generator

Complete Rivers of Blood on Hard.
Sumerian Puppet Dossier Complete Flesh on Hard without being incapacitated.
Finish Al Khali - Complete Al Khali on either Easy or Normal.
Agent Muriel Green Files, complete The Path of Souls on Hard.
Governor Cassus Vicus Dossier Finish Rome - Complete Rome on either Easy or Normal.Bishop Maltheus Dossier Finish Crusades - Complete Crusades on either Easy or Normal.Ki Sumerian Demon Dossier Complete Flesh on Hard.Flying Cultist Dossier, god of Pop - Pop 250 heads!Flamethrower Dossier, master of boom - Disintegrate 100 bally slots for pc enemies!Lets skip all that crap and get codes now.Cultist Dossier, master of Battery - Kill 100 enemies using Melee Attacks.The cheat codes for the "Unlimited Ammo" and "Fast Health Regeneration" options will be displayed for your game.

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Infinite Cole's Power 24HT0GN77ACY9D - Note: At the cheats entry keep the "caps" on when typing in codes.
Warrior Crusader Dossier Complete Sewers on Hard.
Next, go to.Fast Health 20JTX686P9QUP3 - Note: At the cheats entry keep the "caps" on when typing in codes.Legionary Dossier Complete The Low Road on Hard.Then, go to the game's pre-order website and enter "ageh-56JW-X2GB-DN1N-egut" as a pre-order code.Inanna Sumerian Demon Dossier Complete Skin on Hard.May 12, :41am, three free codes: Although the game's cheat codes are encrypted and are unique to your specific disc access code, you can get receive three free codes by using the following trick.The Jericho Team Portfolio Complete Rivers of Blood on Hard without being incapacitated.Grenadier Dossier, master of Ghost - Kill 100 enemies using Ghost Bullet.Brother William Of Auxerre Files Complete Motley Crew on Hard.