The drive- in theater newspaper ads from around the instant banking online casino country page is still under construction. .
Check out the links page to see which Wisconsin drive- ins are now open.
But finally, the problems have been fixed and some long overdue updates are here. . Updated the 41 Twin page to allow ordering of the documentary.Check out the page for recent news articles from the newspapers or online sources.April 13, 2009 Here is the latest installment of Drive- ins In the News. .Check out that page for more details. .June 24, 2008 I have added 3 more items to the Drive- in Theater Historical Artifacts page. .Celebrate this year by attending your nearest drive- in often!March 28, 2014 The Keno Drive- in located in Pleasant Prairie, WI is opening for the season on April 4, 2014!I have finally begun to post the Drive- in newspaper ads from across the USA page. .Please check them out!It is the "new build going up in Chetek,. .

And check out the WI Drive- in Events page for info about the Dusk to Dawn show at the 18 Outdoor Theater in Jefferson, WI Labor Day weekend.
October 15, 2009 Well folks, if you didn't get to the drive- in the last few weeks, your out of luck. .
Just click on November 2007! .
Others are still open so get your last minute fix of drive- in entertainment for the year before they close till the spring. .The Keno Drive- in will still be open for at least 2 more weekends.Only a few drive- ins have yet to open but that will change in the coming weeks.8- ( September 26, 2007 You can check out the progress of the newest Wisconsin drive- in theater being built up in Chetek,. .They will be showing the movie, "Grindhouse opening April 6th!For example, dusk to dawn shows, special appearances by Doctor Cryptosis, car club meets etc. .October 19, 2010 We are down to just two drive- in theaters still open for the season in Wisconsin.

(At least to that point.) All the drive- in theater newspaper ads have been combined on to one page. .