Shigley, Joseph; Mischke, Charles (1989 Mechanical Engineering Design (5.
Woodruff keys may be full radius or flat bottom, but the keyseat will always be radiused by the Keyseat Cutter / Woodruff Cutter. .
If a play wsop straight Dutch keyway hole is optionally tapped with a thread, then an ordinary screw serves as the threaded Dutch key.
Computer numerical control (CNC) wire-cut EDM machines allow for a wide variety selection of keyways to poker software developers be cut, inclusive of multiple keyways on the same hub.In 1888, he was awarded the John Scott Medal by the Franklin Institute for his invention.A, keyway is a slot of some kind that is used to align the part on a shaft and prevent the part slipping as the shaft rotates. .New York: John Wiley sons, inc.The main advantage of the Woodruff key is the elimination of milling near shaft shoulders, where stress concentrations, 4 and concentricity would be affected.Next, the broach is inserted and pushed through, cutting the keyway.Spring pins are an alternative Dutch key component, instead of solid dowel pins.An additional advantage is a stuck key can be removed from a shaft with a hammer blow, the circular profile will push the key out of the slot, as opposed to a standard key which will need to be pushed axially, or pulled out.Chiseling edit One of the earliest forms of keyseating was done by chiseling.The Popular Science Monthly., 110(5 72, 124.

End mills or slotting cutters are used for parallel and tapered keyways, while a Woodruff cutter is used for Woodruff keyways.
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The whole system is called a keyed joint.
Parallel Metric Key Sizes Nominal Diameter Key KeyWay d b x h width x thck Width b Depth Radius r Nom Tolerance Class Shaft t1 Hub t2 Over Incl Free Normal Close/Int Shaft Hub Shaft Hub Shaft/Hub Nom Tol Nom Tol Max min H9 D10.
Keyway cutters Special cutters Slotting tools Different slotting tools Broaching edit Broaching is primarily used to cut square cornered internal keyways.Refer to Table 8-4 in Appendix A for correct depth of keyslot cut for standard Woodruff key sizes.Shaft keyways for Woodruff keys are milled with Woodruff keyslot milling cutters (Figure 4-35).Typically this will be offset by 90 or 180 on the shaft.1/100, dIN 6885 b h, dIN 6885 b h, dIN 6883, dIN 6887 d1 b h t1 t2 b h t1 t2 b h t1 t2 b h t1 t,8 1,5 1,8 4 4 3 1,1 4 4 2,5 1,3 5 5 3,8 1,3.Square keys are used for smaller shafts and rectangular faced keys are used for shaft diameters over.5 in (170 mm) or when the wall thickness of the mating hub is an issue.2.498.5.848.854.5.502.661.667.062 Per BS 46 Part 1 : 1958 Keys and keyways and taper pins.However, it can produce the most accurate keyway out of all the processes.

There are three main steps in broaching a keyway: First, the workpiece is set on the arbor press and the bushing is placed in the opening of the workpiece.
Machinery (NY 70(8 138-140.