Suddenly, it isn't funny anymore.
John, most notably, but really all of them; at some point, each suggests cutting Ringo's finger off (John does so holding a steak knife and says it would be like "having a tooth out and George, Ringo and John's complete non-reaction when Ringo supposedly.
Everyone (including especially the author) seems to delight in tormenting Gilbert.What's amazing about the way this plays out is not that there will be characters who are mean, snarky, sarcastic, and uncaring, but the behavior of the characters who are not.(cue Data pushing Beverly overboard, then wondering why no one is laughing) The Hangover Part II puts free money georgia Alan in this territory by having him give Teddy some roofalin.In addition, the first season's storyline was based around the murder of a character's son, which of course, was committed in the most hilariously over-the-top fashion possible.

This show also includes instances of other horrible acts of violence and rampant attempted Black Comedy Rape.
As usual, it's all justified by the universal handwave of RPG-Mechanics Verse.
As one of the series' resident Butt Monkeys, Bill is on the receiving end of a fair bit of this on King of the Hill.With the string still tied to his finger.Too Funny to Be Evil coupled with Rule of Funny is the basic principle that allows this trope to work.(chuckles) Why are you having me read this crap?The entire premise of Two Guys and Guy revolves around its three sociopathic main characters.Dans la série Arrested Development, elle incarne l'épouse de Gob Bluth, justement interprété par slots unlimited coins son véritable époux Will Arnett.Dokuro honestly thinks she's helping Sakura in spite of her frequent (and often deadly) physical assaults, constant demands for his attention, and having been (directly and indirectly) responsible for Sakura's social isolation.Awkward pause: Marty: Excuse me?Later, it turns out she's not anywhere near as bad as she seems.What is your favorite oneida bingo and casino phone number segment?

Tsubaki: So.
He keeps mentioning or alluding to them and then denying.
So, her being captured by a dinosaur and peeing herself is treated as a comedic moment.