I now use a KDK toolpost, which is better but much more expensive.
Four spline 303 SST passivated 2-56X3/4?
24486 DO NOT USE!The spring and its mounts remain stationary during machining, and the rotary bearing surface is the universal bronze bushing running against a brass insert press fit into the aluminum spring mount.Bob Fritch has his steam engine running!Drawbar end turned and tapped Turning the taper for the spindle Turned the 60 deg center Finished dead center Mill Motor mount plate filed star lanterns slot for clearance with the z-axis saddle.Chuck on divhead spindle shows the head ready for use, the worm carrier can be rotated about it's mount at right angles to the spindle axis, so the head can be used in horizontal, or vertical modes.First set up a 2 inch length of 30mm diameter ptfe rod in the 4 jaw chuck.

I feel like a little kid on Christmas!
2-64X5/32-FIL screw machine FIL-HD slotted 2-64X7/16-cuppt setscrew CUP PT 4-multi spline S/S 2-64X7/16-flat setscrew flat.
However life is good and I get to spend a lot of time in my miniature shop." #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 Trevor Robson made a glass lathe with Taig parts.
I attached the motor with 4 machine screws from below to the small board, and mounted 2 wooden siderails (dark brown) along which the small board slides.This way each spacer could be parted from the bar using the parting tool after moving the cutter to the exact position necessary to create the spacer.One day last week when I was checking the latest on the airgun side of you blog, a picture of my lathe carriage showing the hand wheel and x-feed dial and lead screw popped.Then I simple twist the milling attachment so that the indicator reads 1/2 the difference. .A Sherline leadscrew and adjustable handwheel were also used.It uses an inkjet-type technology to build up the part in layers about.003" thick.