Keeps your most valued cards in mint condition to preserve their casino charity event value and usability.
Optimized thickness, sleeve thickness optimized for gameplay, prevents bent corners and scraches.
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Werewolves haunt the secluded village known as Tabula: every night some villagers turn into werewolves and slaughter an innocent victim to satisfy their hunger.Planet Steam, Flash Point: Fire Rescue, Fleet and more.Updated high quality game components, special Ghost rules that allow everyone to play until the mystery is solved.Can you solve the mystery of the full moon?Longer playability and lifetime, the extra durable material prolongs the lifetime of your cards and keeps them playable, even during heavy use.Can you survive the massacre?A game for large groups that is already a classic.Queens Necklace, Modern Art (Odysseia Jogos) and more.The Dwarf King, The Castle of the Devil, Lupus in Tabula and more Big Square 82 x 82 mm 50 sleeves per pack Protects and stores game cards,.g.Dominion, Agricola, Le Havre, San Juan, The Lord of the Rings TCG, Battlelore and more Mini European Board Game 46 x 71 mm 50 sleeves per pack Protects and stores game cards,.g.

Or your best poker face!
Felix: The Cat in the Sack, Animalia and more 7 Wonders and more 67 x 103 mm 80 sleeves per pack, protects and stores game cards of 7 Wonders among other games,.g.
A new 8-player moderator-free variant, and, of course.Add a Review for "Lupus in Tabula".French Tarot and more 63 x 115 mm 80 sleeves per pack Protects and stores game cards of French Tarot among other games,.g.Settlers of Catan, Pillars of the Earth, Thurn Taxis, El Grande, Anno 1503 and more Standard American Board Game 59.5 mm 60 sleeves per pack Protects and stores game cards,.g.Catan Card Game Expansions, Anno 1701 Card Game Summertime, Power Grid / Funkenschlag and more Standard European Board Game 62 x 94 mm 50 sleeves per pack Protects and stores game cards,.g.This new luxurious edition includes: Deluxe oversized cards featuring original characters.

High clearness, the high clearness of the material ensures a genuine image quality with unaltered contrast and colors.
Sid Meiers Civilization: The Board Game, World of Warcraft: The Board Game and more X-Wing Miniatures Game and more 43 x 65 mm 50 sleeves per pack Protects and stores game cards,.g.
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