Plus, it's not cheating and can't ruin your game!
3, use the Sim's dog to dig up money and Lifestyle Points.
Question How do I get free LP on level 10?
On Facebook, add a user named 'Bell Feezy' then visit her in the party boat.
Watch the sim after 2 secs there will be vomit on the floor.Money Plants, money plants are unlocked when you complete the "money grows on trees" Quest.When you go to where your tasks are you will see an add button.It works perfectly on all iOS and Android devices.Even though you don't have any funds, you can make the purchase.Instead, just keep unneeded items in your inventory.If you sell things, you will get 10 of what you paid and the sale will lower your town value.Get one toaster as well.

The occupation that gives you the most money and XP is musician.
If you raise your Sims FreePlay level, you will gain more lifestyle points and money.
On the first time, you will get chopping boards and after that, you will get 5LP.Grow the Simoleon sprout.Get a Sim who isn't busy and have them cook cheese and tomato toast (requires a stove, a toaster on a countertop, and one minute of time).Got me from level 6 to 49 in 20 minutes, and gained me 20 million Simoleons and 70 Life Points.If you Like the Facebook page, you will be updated every time slot plus casino hd there is a new event.GamerevolutionWednesday, December 28, 2016, watch Gallery, highchair Glitch (Easy Simoleons).The more expensive your cat or dog is, the faster it will gather Simoleons and.

Go to the treasure store on The Sims Free Play (the purple shopping cart on the tab next to city).
All of them are listed below, but as usual some might be outdated.