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This Digimon will always attack last, regardless of original turn order When a Digimon with this ability is being played, this ability's effects come into effect starting from the next battle phase, until that Digimon is sent to the Dark Area.After checking battle type, each player determines their attack power, based on the attack power amount written in the A, B, or C attack fields on their cards.Any additional information on how to set/play the card (e.g.The evolution can then be carried out during the Evolution Phase.Your Digimon's battle type will determine the type of attack the opponent has to use.Evolution Requirements Box ( also known as the Power Box ( Cards required to fulfill the evolution requirements of the Digimon you are planning to evolve to will be placed here.Rich game content, village, Battle, Dungeons, Match 3,Monster Card Collection, RPG, PVP!

If you are unable to fulfill the requirements, you are still able to place a Digimon card into your support box, but you cannot activate their support ability until you fulfill the requirements.
Attack power additions do not carry over to the next Battle Phase unless otherwise stated.
They are set face-down from your hand into one of your Option slots during the Preparation Phase, and activated during the activation timing stated on the card.
Take note that if you are using your C attack with the effect (A0 and the opponent is using their A attack, their A attack power will become zero.
'Winning Percentage: 80!' as an example Option Cards edit Option Cards ( ) are support cards with various effects, ranging from pushing the battle in your favor to helping out with evolution.If the card states to set the card face-up, the card is to be set face-up during Preparation Phase, during which the cost stated on the card will be paid, and activated during the activation timing stated on the card.Of cards Release Date Booster 1 Booster 2 54 September 1999 Booster 3 54 November 1999 Booster 4 48 February 2000 Booster 5 Booster 6 Booster 7 Terror of the Dragon Emperor Booster 8 Awakening of the Ultimate Dragon Warrior 48 December 2000 Booster.Category Denotes any category the card belongs to, if any (e.g.If you are unable to pay the cost when the card is turned face-up, it is sent to the Dark Area.It's monster matching games for tablets, Please Contact us via email or comment below.The player first to attack will only start after the second player has finished activating all their effects/abilities and made their Digimon appear.

Group ( The group that your Digimon belongs to (e.g.
When your points are 60 and below).