September 11 attacks, the three trips to big video poker wins continental American destinations were replaced with alternates for only the second half of the 2001 series.
You even get your own e-lottery website, where you can look at: Your winnings, your draw results, your Member profile, your payments.
During Schofield's tenure as host, the champion then played the Wonderwall again (on the same day as the Wednesday Lotto draw but with no pit stops; each correct answer awarded 200, to a maximum of 4,000.
Gravelly Hill Interchange, popularly referred to as "Spaghetti Junction.".Besides which: Its simple, fun and convenient, no more forgetting to buy tickets.Contestants who buzz-in wrongly are eliminated.Doing so freezes the clock for 15 seconds, during which the champion may look over the answers again; however, he/she may not respond to the current question until the pit stop has ended.Winning Lines is a, national Lottery game show that was broadcast.Airdate Viewers (millions) BBC One Weekly Rank.94 26 5 /A N/A.No need to collect winnings from a shop - we send you your share of the winnings.Round 2 - Looking After Number One edit, the six qualifying contestants retain their numbers from the first round.On each question, the contestant who enters the correct answer in the shortest time advances to the next round.Bonus Round - The Wonderwall edit, the champion faces a set of three projection screens on which 49 answers are displayed, numbered 1 to 49, and has three minutes to answer as many questions as possible.An incorrect response eliminates the contestant who gave.You cant argue with those numbers!

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Played twice a week and televised live on the BBC, each draw offers players the chance to win a jackpot running to millions of pounds!
The host asks a series of toss-up questions on the buzzer, each of which can be answered with the number of a contestant still in play at the time.If no one buzzes-in on a question, the contestant with the correct number is eliminated.In the first series, the host asks a question that can be answered by one of these numbers, and anyone who believes that his/her number is the answer may buzz-in.September 1999 N/A N/A Series 2 edit Episode.November 2001.00 18 Series 4 edit Episode.Your syndicate is guaranteed to match all 6 numbers on one line or another, meaning at least one line will need to match just 5 numbers to hit the jackpot jackpot than playing as an individual or in an ordinary syndicate.