play money template 3

However, you nebraska lottery post should make sure that the amount of the money is easy to understand and unambiguous.
Draw your own face, the mascot of your school, or anything else.
As you drag your cursor youll see a new rectangle begin to appear.If you're making play money to look realistic then you should try as best you can to copy the bill you want it to look like.Step 5: Cutting It Out.There is nothing illegal about "destroying" money as far as I know.Okay #10006, method 1 Making Play Money Using Microsoft Word 1, open Microsoft Word and turn on toolbars.Press the WordArt button.You can use any kind of paper without a pre-made design on it, for example colored construction paper.If you're making the money for your school you could add the school crest to the right of the 'ONE' and then you could draw the state that you go to school in on the left side.Method 2 Making Play Money From Scratch 1, choose the type of paper you want to use.Good for money lesson plans.7 If you're creating your own game you can draw any face.The standard shape of a regular dollar bill is a rectangle and the dimensions are.61 inches wide.14 inches long.

2 3, click in the top left hand corner of this rectangle and drag your cursor diagonally downward.
Think of a cool design that you want for each denomination (1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 bills).
A regular money bill uses both sides, while Monopoly money uses one side.
Just print on paper and paste the whole bottom strip with coins on cardboard before cutting out.
I considered drawing fun money pictures but then rather opted for the educational purposes in keeping the money exactly as it looks, so I just made them much smaller and added a logo so theres no laundering involved around my kids (yea not a good.If you want to mimic the feeling of a dollar bill youll have to buy paper with 25 cotton and 75 linen.If you are using construction paper, you may want to use one color for each dollar value to make it easier.When you press print, select 'Print double-sided' in the preview menu'.3, cut the bills to the size you want.8 5 Consider adding serial codes.Next, see our counting money category for lessons and worksheets to learn money recognition skills, and how to count and use money.2, design your bill.If you just want a utilitarian piece of play money, you can press Print and print the bill.