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20th May 2007: suggestion : If you wish, you can bets carlton vs bombers tell me where (Place, street, time, date) you got your fine and I will add it to the Platial Map system.
Nel caso di accertamento della violazione nei confronti dellintestatario del veicolo che abbia dichiarato il domicilio legale ai sensi dellarticolo 134, comma 1-bis, la notificazione del verbale e validamente eseguita quando sia stata effettuata presso il medesimo domicilio legale dichiarato dallinteressato.Resident abroad Il caso di residenti allestero, invece, il verbale devessere notificato entro 360 giorni dallaccertamento, calcolati inequivocabilmente dalla data dellinfrazione.201,1 Notificazione delle violazioni.Thus you can reject any liability on the basis that the 360-day rule discriminates against non-Italians, so is incompatible with the echr and is therefore invalid unenforceable.

In essence, it does look as though the fines European Union citizens have been receiving are, and always have been invalid.
If you do not pay the fine at the time you attempt to rent a car, you will not be allowed to rent.
Not taking into account the matter of the 360 day time limit.
Then of course it was straight back to playing shop!Any and all advice I have provided to others has been and is provided informally I am not an authority, and have not made any claim.It makes me smile to see the three year old in charge of the shop and the crazy nine year olds dressing up to be all kinds of weird and wonderful customers.Ever since we set up our bakers shop to sell our five current buns, playing shop has been big business around here.Meanwhile the 210-day clock is still ticking, as the notice doesnt count as served unless its in a language which you understand, and of course sent by registered post.Dont forget to read the most recent comments as they may well answer any questions you have many of the questions are similar Thanks.