At the children's lottery scotland moment the picture is taken, Davis suddenly kisses a stunned Archie on the cheek.
According to producer Allan Manings, "It wasn't really a spin-off." 40 The show features no reference to Maude, changes the name of Florida's husband from Henry to James, and sets the show in a Chicago housing project.
6 In 2013, the Writers Guild of America ranked All in the Family the fourth-best written TV series ever, 7 and TV Guide ranked it as the fourth-greatest show of all time.
He temporarily moves in with the Bunkers but quickly leaves to share an apartment with his friend Josephine "Jo" Nelson, played by Ruth McDevitt.The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows: 1946-Present (Ninth.).During the first season of Archie Bunker's Place, Edith was seen in five of the first 14 episodes in guest appearances."Nixon on Tape Expounds on Welfare and Homosexuality".57 See also edit References edit All in the Family TV Show - Videos, Actors, Photos and Episodes from the Classic Television Show Archived November 10, 2014, at the Wayback Machine.She appeared in only two episodes, "Cousin Maude's Visit where she took care of the Bunker household when all four were sick, and " Maude " from the show's second season, which was basically a backdoor pilot.The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows 1946-Present (Ninth Edition).Irene was a strong-willed woman of Irish heritage, and Frank was a jovial Italian househusband who loved cooking and singing.8 Contents Premise edit All in the Family is about a typical caucasian working-class family living in Queens, New York.Retrieved b All in the Family - Awards Nominations at IMDb "The Television Critics Association Announces 2013 TCA Awards Winners".Retrieved 19 September 2012.Frederick Hotel in Manhattan.

The second and longest-lasting spin-off of All in the Family was The Jeffersons.
Jean Stapleton performed the theme song without glasses beginning in season.
It features Edith's acerbic cousin Maude Findlay (Bea Arthur who first appeared on All in the Family in the December 1971 episode "Cousin Maude's Visit visiting to take care of the influenza-suffering Bunkers.
Burt Mustin as Justin Quigley, a feisty octogenarian/nonagenarian:.
Edith wanted her to move in, but Archie would not allow it, though when he thought Iola did not have any place to go, he told her privately that she could always stay with them.28 Ratings edit All in the Family is one of three television shows ( The Cosby Show and American Idol being the others) that have been number one in the Nielsen ratings for five consecutive TV seasons.Reiner is also credited with writing three of the series' episodes.As costume designer Rita Riggs described in her 2001 Archive of American Television interview, Lear's idea was to create the feeling of sepia tones, in an attempt to make viewers feel as if they were looking at an old family album.49 DVD Name Ep # Release Date The Complete First Season 13 March 26, 2002 The Complete Second Season 24 February 4, 2003 The Complete Third Season 24 July 20, 2004 The Complete Fourth Season 24 April 12, 2005 The Complete Fifth Season 25 January.In the original version, the lyric "Those Were The Days" was sung over the tonic (root chord of the song's key and the piano strikes a dominant 7th passing chord in transition to the next part, which is absent from subsequent versions.In all versions of the opening, the song's conclusion is accompanied by applause from the studio audience.References on other sitcoms include That '70s Show and The Simpsons.52 The originals had been purchased by the show's set designer for a few dollars at a local Goodwill thrift store, and were given to the Smithsonian (for an exhibit on American television history) in 1978.

They later moved to an apartment in Manhattan in their own show, The Jeffersons.
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"Will Someone Please Fix the Emmy Awards?".