If you were my friend, would you have felt the same?
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(6b) You are a student.
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Money has that emotional effect on people regardless if you have it or dont, and interestingly, either case can make a person feel positively or negatively.
(2b) You are on holiday at a restaurant in the.S.
Recently you have been thinking about finding another teacher.
And its quite normal to be nervous about carrying an unusual amount of money around.Call Jimmys house and tell his parents that you dont want your son to see him anymore.Student A Role, student B Role (1a) You are a parent.There are two sides to the game - either be a banker, or a business person.When ready, have them begin the role-play.Zheng, however, said China does not have to worry about that because its financial structure is different from Western countries.You complain to the SQA and are not satisfied with their response, so you go to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman.Basically coins are equally important, and they can teach kids another aspect of finances and money handling than when using paper bills.Your son, Jimmy, has a new friend named Billy.