You can also email us with your inquires.
I waited for a while during the entire bus foxwoods august 2017 bingo trip.
Upon reaching Fallsview, Niagara, I asked the guy behind me if we are supposed to get tickets to get back on the bus at.m.
I read people's feedbacks here on those trips that they speak English for 5 mins.She said it's okay 'coz they would be able to check on the information w/c is supposedly kept on their swipe machines.Niagara, falls thinking maybe they would hand them out to everyone at the same time.Scarborough without my boarding pass.The next time you're planning an exciting group outing to Casino Niagara, let someone else do all the driving while you sit back and enjoy a comfortable and safe ride.

Seats may only be reserved two days or less before travel.
I doubt theyd take you anyways, in that youll have luggage (lol, that would be a red-flag give-away that you arent a just a day-time gambler).
It's so easy for them to ask for money for bus fares but just took of without handing me my boarding pass.
Re: Safeway Tours, i took the May 6, 2014 one-day trip.
How in the world am I supposed to get back.Call Safeway Tours directly at for booking details!This is kind of disappointing and annoying.Please supply us with your name, group name, contact information and method of contact preference (telephone or email).Hi Hew-sg, Welcome to the, toronto, travel forum.I am looking for non-Chinese owned travel agencies that doesn't cancel at the last minute and doesn't call you if they cancel.

I paid for my fare and showed them my Player's card but didn't give me any boarding pass.
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Ok, call me a party-poop but I dont think this is a good idea (and lets be totally honest here it isnt really ethical).