The card battles are fun, but take some time before getting more immersive.
The enticing card artwork and new card battle mechanics make gameplay more interesting.
The game has over 15 single-player missions and a multiplayer matchmaker mode, where you can showcase your card battle skills against online players.
Of course, none of these games are 100 analogues to Hearthstone but they do share many common traits that Hearthstone fans will likely enjoy!
To keep things short and sweet, well stick to highlighting some (not all) of the main similarities / differences they have to Hearthstone.Gwent is all about combining multiple attacks as you focus on utilising a good variety of melee, ranged, and defensive cards.Dragon Collection combines traditional CCG with simple, pokémon -style gameplay.Note: Its actually fairer to say that Hearthstone borrows a bit from Magic Duels, rather than the other way around.A must-download game, if you are a fan of fantasy CCGs.Gameplay may not be as deep as in Magic, but it is addicting and competitive.Overall, this CCG is more akin to Magic: The Gathering than Hearthstone.For your convenience, were grouping all of these games under a general CCG heading.The playing field is made of up individual rows where cards can be placed; there are six rows for each player.

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The game borrows several elements from.
As always, we at Games Like Zone have put together for you an original list of 10 Online Collectible Card Games Like Hearthstone based on specific criteria.
With the rifle, you can capture as many creatures as you can, but to get the rare creatures you will have to invest a lot of work in spotting and hunting them.
Any damage not absorbed by a defending character is applied to the player's life total.The games biggest drawback is its focus on in-app card purchases.For starters, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends has more of strategic board game vibe to it rather than being a flatout card game.Ivko Stanilov, a former Magic champ!The DS version can be used for both local- and internet-based two-player games, but is incompatible for tournament use.Overall: Creating a card game based off an established franchise sounds a lot like Hearthstone.Based on the rock-paper-scissors formula, the game is quite addicting and offers a variety of beautifully-designed cards.The strategic depth here is admittedly more challenging though no less addictive.The game also takes its visual cues from anime art, rather than Hearthstones more traditional fantasy theme.