577-Z, 8-Speed, V-belt HMD bench lathe, stamped.A.N.
Also manufactured silver consumer products including eyeglass cases. .
1935 54699, 2/8/1935, 9 x 3-1/2, N Series Catalog.
87200, 87300, 87400, 87500, 87586, 12/23/1938, 9" x 4 "R" Series, Catalog.109-A, Shipped to Fond Du Lac Vocational School in Wisconsin.
Also produced a popular line of comic figures on bicycle gravity toys, including Charlie Chaplin, Uncle Sam, Roosevelt Bears (Circa 1912).171900 172285, 4/12/1946, 9" x 4, Workshop Model A, Catalog.Founder: Jacob Lauth, specialty: Clockwork toy autos.They have easily repaired broken tails from poor packing from the free slot games cleopatra slot game maker.3 PH Westinghouse motor, sold to Tranter Manufacturing, Pittsburgh,.CL187-Z, UMD Metal Cabinet bench Lathe 11075R 11100R 1960 11494RKX16, 10L x 4 Catalog.52400N 52500N 1965 52950NAR10, 9" x 4-1/2 Workshop Model 9A, Catalog.25-A, SCG with power feed auto apron, 30300, 30400, 30487, 11/7/1924, 13" x 4' bed, "O" series Catalog.

9-ZB, with rare lead screw kick out accessory.
Just glue them back in place.
45500 45538, 16" x 6, "O" Series Catalog.1928, Easy Payment Booklet.Apparently SB made a few of the 10K's with the variable drive during 19, and I had one of those.George Carette Nuremberg, Germany Founder: George Carette (with Gebrudern Bing's backing).8187-AN, UMD Tool room lathe, Special 6 drawer Metal cabinet bench lathe 149800,?/?/1944, 10L x 4, Catalog.1800 RPM 52382NKR9, 9" x 4 Workshop Model 9A, Catalog.415-RC, 12-speed HMD bench drive, SCG with adjustible 2-speed countershaft (2-step pulleys on motor and countershaft).344-ZD, UMD with metal column base, bingo good luck items 28600N 28700N 28800N 28900N 29000N 29100N 29200N 29300N 29343NBR9,?/?/1952, 9" x?My serial number is 94713, and the plate on the screw train cover states: Model 187Y, 3ft bed, and it has no chip tray or extras beyond the standard specification (1 3/8 spindle, QCG, cast base UMD. .Quantity: Dave's InnerLock Connector Keeper, invented by Dave Thacker of Radical.