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Level it up to 45 (Max) and it would be a force to reckon with on the race track.
The best EXP giving components are: (all EXP boosts are averages ultracompact Reactor - EXP 40,000, Buy Price 50,000.
These are the Draw, the Showdown, the Clock, and the Bind phases.Ribbon raises all resistances.I recommend starting your slots session past irish lottery results all 3 draws with at least 1,500.Turboprop - EXP 768, Buy Price 1,600.

Pride can often get in your way at the poker table and this can cause you not to fold.
Wait for big pairs and high ranking cards before you commit any coins to the pot.
The player with the highest ranking card (or cards) wins the Showdown.The majority of game guides give you a clear path to victory.So as a summary: 1, Choose equipment to upgrade.The game is divided into rounds with four stages.Unlike in a lot of other previous Final Fantasies, all enemies in Final Fantasy xiii are visible on screen, so it is possible to avoid encounters, as long as you can get around the enemy.Overbreak mode is your window of opportunity because you have 10 times more chance of getting a jackpot.

Although you do not need to be a hardcore gambler in order to succeed in Serendipity, you will need to invest time and effort to learn the various mini-games and carry out the necessary tactics to become a big winner.