Sodapoppin loses big on blackjack, where the last win did not count.
Placing your entire casino account balance on one single hand, when playing any blackjack game is going to see you playing a very high risk blackjack strategy, in the case of the hapless Sodapoppin he lost that 5000 but things could have gone his way.
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Sodapoppin betting big in Blackjack with Andy!If you are ever dealt out a pair of Aces as you initial two card hand then the best way to play that hand is to split those two Aces into two separate hands.Play, he then goes on to be dealt a 5 and a Jack and decides to stand his hand.The casino that we recommend.Mark the playa, join the team: /1bOzzCh If you feel like helping out the Youtube click below!So always make sure that you have enough cash in your casino account balance to perform that playing move (not like Sodapoppin).The 10k dream is real, boys.

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Whether he meant to or not, his video which has been viewed over.4 million times on YouTube alone is a reminder to anyone wishing to play blackjack online that you should always only bet with cash you can afford to lose and also always.
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Sodapoppin loses 5000 at blackjack.
10K WIN blackjack reaction!rCh5lXCEdVY Sodapoppin betting 11k and losing.2cXVrVH Thank you so much for watching!Live Casino - Dealer almost dying.Feel free to leave comments, concerns, feedback and.

Sodapoppin Blackjack 4k Cleaning money, sodapoppin plays blackjack with a guy who drops nearly 400-800 per hand and than loses on purpose.
Play Blackjack Better than Sodapoppin, we shall now pass onto you a few different blackjack playing hints and tips which may just help you increase your overall winning chances when you do decide the time is right to start playing blackjack online, so read.
Sodapoppin betting 5 will he win?