The Motion Pictures (release: April 17, 2001) The 131 cards in The Motion Pictures featured all nine of the Star Trek movies available at the time and the Voyager episode " Flashback which ties into Star Trek VI: the Undiscovered Country.
The archive foils in this set harkened back to the original archive foils and featured two beautiful women: Charvanek (previewing the upcoming Original parade card game Series Romulans) and Hoshi Sato (previewing more content from the Mirror Universe from the popular Enterprise Mirror Universe episode ".
This expansion's ultra-rare was Mirror Universe First Officer Spock.
9 Starter free video slots for fun house Deck II (release: December, 1998) This set attempted to solve again the problems of playing the game straight from the box by including a 60-card Premiere starter deck along with eight new cards designed to allow the cards in the starter to work.
Here are a list of current stccg activities.So, it is in caps.The foil cards were further made important as 2004 was the 10th anniversary of Star Trek CCG, so a special Tenth Anniversary icon was added to the corner of these foils.The set was available in 60-card starter decks and 9-card expansion packs.How this works is that each player starts with a pitiful flagship with a defense (hull) value, and no other statistics.Buy It Now, view Details, fROM AN estate check back FOR more.If you enjoy deck building games and are a Star Trek fan, don't worry.At the same time, I like that these officers are primarily valuable for their XP but can also be helpful in missions.I know, I knowyou wantneedto fight the Borgbut the Borg Invasion Scenario is very challenging, especially if there arent many players. .Klingons are brutal, but honorable warriors.

The archive foils in this set featured two movie villains: the Borg Queen and Shinzon.
The Federation focuses on cooperation and mutual advancement and work to better themselves.
It introduced the Federation faction of the Maquis and expanded the core play of the game.
They do not work with any other affiliation.
The set unfortunately suffered from a small print run and became a rare commodity.Reporting icons edit One aspect of affiliation uniqueness that Second Edition has continued is specialized reporting icons.There are also instances where players will need to battle other ships and each other, comparing stats to see who inflects what damage first.The Starbase cards are in the middle and the Space Deck is on the left.Best Regards, Dads Gaming Addiction.That is just a brief summary of the rules. .First Anthology (release: June, 1997) The First Anthology (a concept that would return twice more) included six premium cards that would all later be featured in upcoming sets and was the first to feature cards that were not exclusive to The Next Generation.Starter Cards These are the standard cards that all players receive as their initial playing deck.Bajorans are religious and think about how the past affects las vegas casino room rates their lives.This tiny sentence was left out of the rulebook and I was left scratching my head as to how damage was assigned. .