Interestingly, the new players often win on thier first blackjack session, simply because they dont follow a specific set of rules.
As for the experienced players, they quite easily fit into Einsteins definition of insanity, which states: Insanity seven clans casinos thief river falls mn doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
The share price of a stock is completely different than this, because nobody is betting against you.
The risks are too enormous.When a person first gets into investing, they will often hear warnings from their family and friends that its just like gambling.You just doubled your money and made a 300 profit.And the word winning must also be defined here.They think about thier options, and make amatur but somewhat educated guesses.It has more money in its coffers than most local banks have in their vaults.

What makes a winning lotto ticket or scratch off ticket so valuable, is the thousands or millions of dollars that were betted against.
I see this as no different than being best friends with Don King, and taking his advice on which boxer to bet on as.O.
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According to, ion Salius Paradox : random generation does not generate all possible combinations, as the odds that a hand will repeat before all possible hands are dealt are a sure thing.
This is the main difference with Wall Street and somewhere like Las Vegas or Atlantic City.Lets say you buy 10 shares of Microsoft at 30 per share.Clint Richardson (m) Monday, March 8, 2010 Advertisements.The odds that everyone seems to cling to as they sit on the losing side of the table go something like this: the house has a slight advantage (about 54 chance of winning).But then Microsofts stock shares rise in value again, and are now at 80 a share.