Usually companies accumulate its earnings in reserve funds instead of paying it to share-holders in form of dividend.
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But, since the number of shares issued increases, the profit per share (or the Earnings Per Share EPS) decreases by the same factor.15, which is as before!HOW does bonus share affect investors?But they are, in fact, two different things.Note: New series parts will be released intermittently.10, and gives a new share the bonus share for each share held.But since you would be holding 10 shares now, your share of EPS remains the same:.

They may appear to be the same especially in the eyes of a person not well-versed in finance.
Hi there, Most readers seem to have some confusion about whether bonus issue and stock splits are the same or not.
300 per share).
Subscribe to our YouTube channel lucky gem slot zombie evil and view past webinars, posted one day after recording.This article will help you to get a clear picture of the difference between the two.Oil and Gasoline (we're short that too) are things that are bought by the masses, not just rich folks and, although our GDP is expanding.2 in Q2 and people like us (who have enough savings to be able to play with stocks) are.If he doesnt, hes in trouble.So, there is absolutely no change anywhere, except for the number of shares traded!

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